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Sometimes, especially in a multi-man match, a short period of time spent in the ring without a chance to do too much. Poor execution, ignoring the crowd, not doing things that make sense. Renee Young, Peter Rosenberg, Jerry “The King” Lawler & Shawn Michaels are on the Kickoff Show Panel. Corbin reaches the ropes, and hits Deep Six for a two count. I think I liked this more than most looking at some quick online reaction, but that happens from time to time. Jimmy eats a Brogue Kick…Jey finally reaches the ropes. The match didn’t quite reach THIS IS AWESOME levels for me, but it picked up towards the end. AJ goes back outside…he jumps again, but Brock catches him & hits the F5! That was better than anything we would have gotten out of Jinder Mahal. Roode blocks the Pedigree and hits a spinebuster of his own. Strowman drops him one time before hitting the powerslam & making it 5 on 3. Randy Orton comes in & hits the draping DDT on Triple H. Cena & Orton square off with Braun Strowman and it doesn’t go wonderfully. But that’s a bad idea because now Braun’s clearing off announce tables. He takes Orton down, misses the double stomp & Orton hits the RKO!

Shawn had a pretty rough night on there to be honest. Elias: Elias sings a wonderful song in honor of Houston. Grades Miz: B Corbin: B Corbin informs Miz that his hand went up while Miz’s went closed. Paul Heyman informs Charly Caruso that Brock Lesnar is going to win tonight. Sheamus loses focus & Jimmy hits a twisting plancha to get an opportunity to make the tag. He misses in the corner, Cesaro doesn’t miss the uppercut. Cesaro isn’t a Hart, so the Sharpshooter isn’t quite as lethal. Two good teams, but they didn’t quite gel tonight for whatever reason. Styles took everything Lesnar could throw at him & left his mark on the Universal Champion. Roode takes too long to set up the Glorious taunt and gets punched down. Cena & Orton try to suplex him through the table…it doesn’t work, but Shane, Roode & Nakamura come over & help make it happen. 3 on 2, one of those Raw men is Braun Strowman who’s taking a nap right now. He tags in Angle, an attempted top rope move doesn’t work as planned. He puts Shane on top of Kurt to eliminate him & stares down Braun Strowman. Triple H acts like he’s helping Shane, but that doesn’t last long. Triple H raises Braun’s hand, who still seems confused. Hunter seems happy about things, but Braun really doesn’t. He locks in a chokehold & tells Triple H not to cross him again or he’ll never play this game again. That doesn’t work, and Braun takes him out with the running powerslam! Shane being the last one out makes sense from a story perspective, but doesn’t help from an entertainment perspective.

Hi, hello & welcome to the WWE Survivor Series Report Card! Hardy does a Side Effect on the apron because he knows apron moves work on the indies. Let’s see if Kalisto can get something out of Enzo. Kalisto with the Code Red for a two count early, and then we go into the Enzo domination & resthold period. This promo battle makes me want to see these teams feud forever, because it’s freaking awesome. Nice little match with a bunch of people that I like to get people ready for the main show. Alexa works the ribs & locks in a modified abdominal stretch. Booker seems to think they’re in the championship rounds. Another nearfall & Alexa continues to get more frustrated. Survivor Series Elimination Match: Kurt Angle (Captain), Braun Strowman, Finn Balor, Samoa Joe & Triple H vs. Chants of NXT & New Japan go in the crowd while these two wrestle. After some kicks ducked, Triple H decides he wants a piece of Nakamura. Cena & Joe renew old acquaintances for a couple of minutes. Kurt Angle tags in instead because he’s the captain, dang it. Final Thought I think my thumb has to go in the middle for this show. The overall booking is predictably bland, though I guess it’s good that at least one new guy is getting pushed in addition to all the re-treads.

It’s the one night of the year where Raw & Smack Down faces off for bragging rights. Elias rams Hardy’s shoulder into the ring post and hits the Drift Away for the three count. It’s tough to work in front of an empty arena, and these guys did the best they could. Grades Hardy: C Elias: C Miz kicking it in the Social Media Lounge with Charly Caruso. Kalisto in the Tree of Woe & Enzo hits the Realest Forearm in the Room for a two count. Breezango dominates early on & Sami takes a lot of offense, but Tyler Breeze eventually settles into the Morton role. Kickoff Show Main Event is becoming an important slot. A hard kickout sends Charlotte face-first into the turnbuckle. There’s a spear by Charlotte & both women are down. Shane Mc Mahon (Captain), Randy Orton, Shinsuke Nakamura, Bobby Roode and John Cena: Smack Down’s captain starts against Bruan Strowman. Randy Orton & Samoa Joe have a first-time meeting instead. Joe misses in the corner, but then Joe hits the STJoe! Shane rolls Angle up for two, then hits a Russian leg sweep for two. There wasn’t anything that was absolutely horrendous. If you love Triple H & want more of him on television, you’ll be pretty happy.

Bayley fights off Tamina, Carmella with the kick, and Tamina goes up top & hits the Superfly Splash on Bayley to even sides. Tamina tries to lift Nia up and that doesn’t happen. Nia & Tamina battle on the outside…crossbody by Tamina on the floor! Foxy is not happy with Nia, and the distraction nearly leads to a rollup pin by Naomi. Carmella gets some offense on Asuka, and starts mocking Sasha, which gets Sasha all ratchet. She goes for the Sharpshooter, and Asuka counters into a kneebar! Double chickenwing buster into the Asuka lock, & Natalya taps out! Special props to Tamina, who was in a lot more than expected and was better than expected. WWE Intercontinental Champion The Miz (w/Curtis Axel & Bo Dallas) vs.

Some quick kicks & people take turns on Tamina in the corner, but then Bayley gets driven into the Smack Down corner. Nia takes the advantage & cannonballs through Tamina in the middle of the ring for two.

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